Dual system / LUCID

As an online shop and user of packaging for our products, we take responsibility. We are registered in the LUCID packaging register under registration number DE2920199028347.
Incorrect waste separation makes efficient recycling difficult

Due to incorrect waste separation, the recycling of packaging materials is made more difficult or sometimes even completely prevented. On average, 30% of the waste materials that have been allocated to the yellow bag do not actually belong there. The new separation instructions are intended to help minimize such mis-throws and thus increase recycling rates. The symbols are applied to the packaging and inform the end user directly whether the respective packaging should be disposed of in the yellow bin, the paper bin or in the glass container.


  • Glass collection = glass packaging
  • Paper bin = packaging made of paper, cardboard, cardboard
  • Yellow bin = packaging that is not made of paper, cardboard, cardboard or glass (lightweight packaging)

More information

You can find it at https://www.muelltrennung-wirkt.de or scan the QR code and go directly to the Duale Systeme website.